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2023 Mid Autumn Self Service Barbecue Activity

2023-10-25 125

    As the autumn breeze rises and osmanthus flowers fragrance, as the Mid Autumn Festival approaches, in order to express concern for employees, thank them for their hard work in promoting the company's development, create a festive atmosphere, enhance communication among departments, and cultivate a spirit of mutual cooperation and cooperation among employees. In the afternoon of September 26, 2023, KSM held a Mid Autumn Festival self-service barbecue and local stove self-service party event at Hongdou Resort.

    Various departments participated actively, we experienced the beautiful scenery of Hongdou Resort, and organized self-service barbecues and cooking in groups, enriching the experience and fun of the activity. Employees from various departments work together, actively participating in the activities, taking the initiative to share delicious food, and the atmosphere is very harmonious. Through this self-service barbecue activity, employees can get to know each other outside of work, promote interaction, communication, and teamwork between departments.