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KSM has passed the project of Suzhou enterprise engineering technology research center and Jiangsu Science and technology SMEs

2021-06-08 55

     On May 17, 2021, the "Suzhou carbon fiber lightweight engineering technology research and Development Center for vehicle space validation model" declared by KSM successfully passed the project application of Suzhou enterprise engineering and technology research center in 2021. 

     On May 31, 2021, KSM passed the certification of science and technology SMEs in Jiangsu Province. 

     It is not only a recognition of our independent innovation development, but also a confirmation of our exploration and research in new fields. As always, KSM adheres to the theme of "diligence, innovation and cooperation", develops steadily and innovates actively. 

    Since establishment, we insist on technological innovation and reform, actively research and develop new products to meet the market demands, and now we have completely formed the integration of product design, research, development, production and sales. Our products are moving towards to the direction of intelligent, digital and functional combination. 

    The "Suzhou carbon fiber lightweight engineering technology research and Development Center for vehicle space validation model" can measure the matching situation of the exterior cover parts and the interior & exterior trim parts in the trial production stage, and evaluate whether the dimensions of body outer panels and inner & outer trim parts are qualified through the measurement and inspection results. At the same time, it can also meet the installation test and motion simulation of some functional components, such as the motion simulation of four doors and two covers of cars. The test results could provide important information for car trial production. 

    At present, new energy technology, lightweight and intelligent network technology are the three major directions of the automobile industry. Carbon fiber composite material has become the leader in the field of automotive lightweight technology because of its light-weight and high strength performance. Advanced resin matrix composite material has excellent performance and broad application prospects. 

    Adhering to the concept of scientific and technological innovation, energy saving and high efficiency, KSM takes the lead in proposing the project topic, playing a leading role in the development of the industry, making substantial progress in production technology, at the same time, providing customers with more diversified and customized products and services. 

    The development of an enterprise cannot be separated from the spirit of "innovation", but also cannot be separated from the policy support of the government. KSM will continue to carry forward the enterprise culture of diligence, innovation and cooperation, and provide customers with better products and more professional technical services.

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