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The 5th KSM Mini Marathon in 2020

2020-12-14 489

    The Year 2020 is an extraordinary and unusual year. With the global spread of COVID-19, all enterprises are actively preparing for the battle against COVID-19. At this moment, it is very important to have a good healthy body to all of us.

    The 5th KSM Mini Marathon was held on 4th of Dec. in 2020 which aims to “fighting against the epidemic, improving physical fitness, strengthening health awareness and challenging yourself”. According to the different departments, the company is divided into 5 teams to participate in the Mini Marathon to compete for the team award, individual (men's and women's) award and the progress award.

    With the public road security and logistics supply support, as the whistle sounded, the contestants rushed out of the starting line like arrows after full warm-up. Life likes a marathon, the key to success is not the instant burst, but the perseverance on the way, most of the time, success is to hold on for one more minute, one minute you do not give up, the next minute there will be hope for you, you will see the scenery belongs to you.

    After intense competition, the General Manager Dept. won the first place in the team competition, the Manufacturing Dept. and the Machining Dept. took the second and third place respectively.

    Through this mini-marathon, the corporate culture is inherited, the will of the majority of employees is tempered and the team gains the cohesion and the joy of success.