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Training in Tetrafix, Sweden

2020-01-13 972

In December 2019, special assistance of general manager-Peter Chen, sales manager-Larry Zhang, assembly manager-Wei Zhou and deputy manager of engineering and design department-Huan Yao went to Tetrafix company in Sweden for relevant training in order to improve the professional quality of our personnel and better serve our customers.

In Tetrafix, Tommy, head of Asia, introduced Tetrafix's corporate culture to our staff and visited the factory together. After a certain understanding of Tetrafix, formal training began.

Martin Hultman, general manager of Tetrafix, trained our personnel in design, manufacturing, assembly, installation and commissioning. Both sides also discussed in detail about the procurement and cost control, and the support for the development of China's business. Finally, they arranged us to visit Volvo's welding plant, door cover assembly line, quality control center, etc.

In this training, we have benefited a lot, not only broadened our thinking, but also improved our professional quality. In the increasingly fierce market competition, core technology and customer service are our strong backing. As the exclusive agent of Tetrafix carbon fiber fixture, we strive for perfection in technology and constantly improve our professional level, in order to better serve customers and provide customers with more professional and customized products and solutions.