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The 4th KSM Mini Marathon in 2019

2019-12-16 659

    The 4th KSM Mini Marathon was held on 29th of November in 2019 which aims to enrich cultural life of KSM employees, show their positive outlook , improve their physical quality and enhance their health awareness. It’s good timing to welcome new challenge and new year. There were 6 teams joining the mini Marathon with group competition awards, individual competition awards (Men’s group and Women’s group) and Progress awards.

    As the whistle sounded, the contestants rushed out of the starting line like arrows after full warm-up. Marathon not only tests people's physical quality but also sharpens people's spiritual will and it well explains the true meaning of “persistence will win”.

    After intense competition, Machining Department won the first place in group competition awards with QA Department and Sales Department gaining the second and third place. All contestants help and encourage each other in the competition. It’s good opportunity to cultivate employees’ team spirit and sense of collective honor.