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The 7th KSM Mini Marathon in 2022

2022-12-29 532

    The autumn wind is soughing, the forest is full of color, and the city is covered with golden leaves, they are waiting for the KSM athletes to run past and play a beautiful chapter. It's time for the annual KSM Cup Mini Marathon again.


  The 7th KSM Cup Mini Marathon officially kicked off on the morning of December 16, 2022. Total departments of the company are divided into four teams for the competition. There are team competition award, individual competition (men's and women's groups) award and progress award.


    "Hongdou Villa", the internet-famous site, tells of our love. The marathon route keeps the scenery of previous years, and the route is still around this famous Hongdou Vill. The KSM marathon team flag, fluttering in the wind, was set up on both sides of the road, like countless spectators cheering and encouraging us. Under the guarantee of road security and logistics supply, employees of all departments actively participate in and strive for good performance. The 10km race course should be refined and divided, and the physical strength should be reasonably distributed, so as to follow the major forces to run towards the end. With the end of the competition, the Machining&QA and Production team finally won the first place in the competition, and the Assembly & Warehouse team and the General Manager's office team ranked second and third respectively. We also prepared exquisite pastries and a sumptuous dinner after competition. With the applause and laughter of the staff, The curtain has fallen!


    The KSM culture is constantly being inherited and carried forward. At the same time, it also strengthened the faith of indomitable and strengthened the cohesion of the team. We also realized that only with a healthy and strong body and full spirit can we exert our energy and talent in life and work to meet new challenges and create further glory.1-2.jpg