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First order signed with Evergrande New Energy

2021-06-24 31

     Evergrande Group's forward-looking layout of the new energy vehicle industry is an important measure to actively respond to the strategy of strengthening national science and technology power and build a national automobile brand. It is also the inevitable choice for the diversified development of enterprises and achieve century-old stores. Evergrande new energy vehicles integrates global car building resources for our use, and has built a whole industrial chain of new energy vehicles covering advanced vehicle manufacturing, 3.0 chassis architecture, powertrain, power battery, parts, intelligent networking, automobile sales and intelligent charging. Cooperate with the global automotive engineering technology leader and top modeling design masters to research and develop and design 14 cars simultaneously, and build the world's most advanced intelligent manufacturing bases in Tianjin, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other places according to the industrial 4.0 standards. By 2025, the annual production and sales of more than 1 million and more than 5 million by 2035, and strive to become the largest and strongest new energy vehicle group in the world, and help China move from a major automobile power to a strong automobile power.

     The prosperity of automobile OEMs cannot be separated from the sincere cooperation and mutual achievement with parts suppliers and equipment suppliers. On the occasion of the start of constant development, KingStone actively participate in Evergrande new energy vehicles " Tianjin base SX11 project [PCF, CMM Holding Fixture] project, and with rich project experience, excellent technical scheme, good industry reputation, business quotation, after Evergrande multiple rounds of evaluation, finally get highly affirmation, the order to our company. The ability to achieve such achievements reflects the comprehensive strength of KingStone Machinery (Changshu) CO., Ltd. In the process of the project, General Manager Martin Chu allocated the company, Zhang Lei, the sales manager, and the project planning, design department, production management department and other departments all mobilized urgently, performing their own duties and brainstorming. Such results are achieved. Thanks to everyone's dedication.

     Getting order, of course, is just the first step of the long march, as a fighting team, in the following implementation of the project, we will firmly remember the core value of KingStone: customer centered, deliver high quality products and services, and responsible for products and customers, integrity, full of enthusiasm concept to serve our customers.

     In the future cooperation, KingStone will continue to carry forward the corporate culture of diligence, innovation and cooperation, overcome the various difficulties that may be encountered in the process of the project, and deliver satisfactory answers that can stand the test of customers and The Times.